hanky panky

Still debating if this is also referred to as “shit on a shingle” or if that’s chipped beef on toast…

I may have mentioned during my time at OSU, I went to one football game. This does not indicate a lack of spirit, but a profound need for picking up hours on a day when no one else wanted to work.

The times working at the front desk of the dorms were the best. We had those PO Boxes covering a wall. Part of my responsibility was to sort and stuff those boxes. Invariably, some folks left early for the weekend and I’d spend my hours there reading their magazines.

This was all before computers were ubiquitous in a college setting. Otherwise I’d have been surfing for R.E.M. lyrics or something.

Now I have my Saturdays free and I spent this one watching the OSU v Michigan game at a friends belated housewarming party. There was a quite a spread of tasty handheld foods and TVs in every room. I had a fair amount of lager and the game wound up getting REALLY good. I’m not one to throw my fist in the air or shout at the screen, but I did clap like a little girl at a horserace during the Buckeyes winning touchdown.

Go Bucks.

And now, some cookies

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  1. Mara Avatar

    It’s refreshing to see a Hanky Panky up close and personal. And the mention of chipped beef on toast. Two standards growing up: haven’t had them in years.