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November 05, 2005


A film much too quiet for the noise of a shutter firing off — a snapshot of a poster in front of the theater would suffice.

I didn't know of Truman Capote like my mom did. I didn't make a special point of catching his appearances on Johnny Carson. And I didn't know why he was famous. So I'm either at a loss for understanding his character or the perfect audience for this cinematic portrait.

At times I felt like I'm missing out on some part of who this guy was, but more than likely, the picture seemed complete. A smartly dressed man with inexplicable twisted charisma who fidgeted when the topic wasn't himself. Shot in a pretty drab palette and unnervingly quiet, it was engaging and exhausting at the same time.

I've some pang to read his book(s) to see what the fuss was all about. More so however, I sorta wished I would've seen him on the couch next to Carson.

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