thriller, live!

Darkness falls across the Bluegrass State

Every Halloween in Lexington, KY, they block off the streets and recreate Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.


How many times did I hope for that video to come on MTV with none of my family around so I could attempt those dance moves? These moves that were impossible for my 11 year old brain. If I had that red leather jacket, I’m sure I could have done them perfectly.

The drive to Lexington was effortless and beautiful. The crowd was large and the dancers seemed to skip a few parts.

Was it perfect? Heck no.
Was it awesome? You betcha.

20 responses to “thriller, live!”

  1. duane Avatar

    I would have loved to have seen that! Glad that it was awesome for ya… you should watch the movie 13 going on 30… that song has a pretty awesome presence in it. (and shut up, it is a good movie)

  2. Rick Avatar

    That’s awesome! I went to the Sing-a-Long “Rocky Horror Picture Show” last night, but a recreation of the Thriller video sounds incredibly fun!

  3. Halfmad Avatar

    I didn’t think my night could get any better, but it just did. That was fantastic!

  4. Donna Avatar

    Yet another reason to love Kentucky – thank you *so* much for going and for sharing the movie – it is awesome.

  5. dave munger Avatar

    The guy playing Jacko is scary. And not for the reason he was going for–that’s much to close to the real thing.

  6. Amy Avatar

    When I was a teenager in the 90s my dance class did a choreographed Thriller number complete with fog machines, makeup, and torn clothes on stage in a beautiful historic theater. It was completely surreal and dorky. And really fun.

  7. Susan Avatar

    Oh my gosh, wouldn’t this be fun? This is a great community event that I wish I had been there for. No matter where we come from we all have danced to Thriller.

  8. PastaQ Avatar

    I lived in Lexington, KY for two years and I had no idea they did this. Is it just a recent thing?

  9. c glass Avatar

    I believe this is the 4th year PastaQ.

  10. Blake Fox Avatar

    I totally have to be there next year. I used to work in Lexington from Cincinnati often. Great town. Now I see another side I missed. Thank you.

  11. Malkin069 Avatar

    That was ……F…ing.great I always loved thriller I just got to see that live sometime.

  12. jamrock Avatar


  13. Jenn Avatar

    Does anyone know where I can get the dance moves to “thriller” in 13 going on 30. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find them.

  14. lee Avatar

    Do u have the full version? if so id love to see it! it’s awesome!

  15. jasmine Avatar

    i want the same as jenn and the guy nearest to the camera was scary

  16. Juan Avatar

    How did you do the make up and where did you get the music file?

  17. Stephen Shores Avatar

    That is amazing. Heh, it’s funny that ’13 Going On 30′ was mentioned earlier. My wife and I love that movie.

  18. Katie Dalton Avatar
    Katie Dalton

    How weird is this? I am on a dance team for central high school and back in october of 2006 we did the same exact thing for half time at one of our football games. You all were great!

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