Picking up and fall

Just in time

I’ve been under the weather for so long, it was wearing me down. All my energy was spent getting the bare minimum completed whether it was for work or around the house. This was no fun as I enjoy autumn very much.

A heavy dose of antibiotics on Tuesday led to a few days of sweating out toxins and bacteria, vacillating between fever and chills.

Through the fog, I began to feel the old healthy me emerge.

Though I’m not 100%, I’m feeling a great rush of creative and physical energy now, after having been held prisoner by my body for so long.

I’m thrilled.

2 responses to “Picking up and fall”

  1. sis Avatar

    So very glad to hear you are feeling betta lil bro~~i have been trying to keep up on the comings and goings of all…and I miss you. If ya feel the need to come out to the country for a spell just holla…would love to visit with ya!! Love sis xoxox

  2. c glass Avatar

    I’ll be out soon sis.