Thank goodness for self checkouts

Maybe you’ve realized, that if you hover your cursor over the images I post here, there’s a second message

Having that self-service checkout lane in the grocery stores, I’m betting, has increased the sale of potentially uncomfortable items: hemorrhoid treatments, hair dye, condoms, tampons (when the husband’s buying)—you might lump panty hose in this category, douches, lube, condoms. The list goes on…

Only the scanner “knows,” if you use cash.

This is progress.

5 responses to “Thank goodness for self checkouts”

  1. duane Avatar

    Be careful not to use your Kroger card then… cause they do keep a database of everything you buy.

  2. Halfmad Avatar

    Damn, nothing embarrasses me anymore, not warming lube, not Prep H, and certainly not tampons and pads–sheesh, that happens every month! I say that checkout boy better get over it. (This could be because I am pushing 40.)

  3. Chris Avatar

    I was just thinking the same thing this morning.
    Not thinking about it enough to go looking for the subject online, I just happened across this.
    But yes, me loves the self-checkout.

  4. Darrell Avatar

    I have a love/hate relationship with those. I fix them for work therefore I hate them and yet when I’m stuck in a line at a store with no self-checkout lanes, I miss them.

  5. Robbie Avatar

    I have yet to find a self-checkout that blabs exactly what you’re buying and the costs involved. I big guy like me buying my wife’s tampons and a big thing of toilet paper. As my late grandfather would jokingly say, “I’ll bet they think we’re up to something tonight.”