Parenthetical miscellany

Caption unavailable—but I don’t think this is called cross stitch

Few clicks of the shutter today. What was taken, was for another outlet (work). And to that end, it was a good day, with productive ideation and the arrival of some schwag (not the kind you smoke).

Since it was the end of the month, I stripped my cable down to basic channels and high speed net after a lengthy bit of time on hold (and more than a few hoops).

Swirling emotions, likely a result of what’s going on around the country and world, creep in when I don’t occupy myself enough…

Feeling a bit like I’m not doing anything to be helpful in general. That’s where the photo above (taken last week) feels somewhat appropriate with its simple message.

It’s a good start, I figure.

I finally think I have a handle on parentheses (A period is used within the marks if a complete sentence is formed.) This isn’t news to me, but it most certainly is a refresher.

5 responses to “Parenthetical miscellany”

  1. Sean Avatar

    Well stated Chris–Thanks.

  2. D R E W Avatar

    it’s embroidery.

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    That was bought, Half Mad, from that little store right next to the Comet…