and more rain

The remnants of Katrina descended on (or is that upon?) Cincinnati, and continues to fall steadily. I’d not be surprised if we see some flooding from the downpour.

Though it wasn’t the best evening to drive around and lug heavy things, I sorely needed to do laundry. My last pair of shorts were starting to hang a little too urban for my age bracket.

Leaving the house this evening I’m carrying two large laundry bags and standing in ankle deep water in my alleyway trying to lock the door. My pants and boxers fell down completely. I suppose I am very lucky that this was the only casualty.

The evening got better though, with dinner at my mom’s place.

One response to “Rain”

  1. chuck Avatar

    thank you for the visual of you standing in the rain with your pants and boxers falling down.
    made my day.