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A rant

It began to sink in last night, when I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards… A show I don’t invest too much into, but I had a tinge of hope that something amusing or remotely interesting would happen.

It didn’t. I turned it off after Eric Roberts talked about heck-knows-what and I realized I hadn’t seen any of the horrible videos nominated.

Tonight I was flipping through the channels and everything just seemed played out.
Pimped beyond recognition.

A long time ago, it was MTV that was a big part of my desire to get cable. And now, some decades later, I think it’s the reason why I want to get rid of it.

I blame a good chunk of today’s offerings on The Real World, and the foray into reality that oddly enough, I cannot relate to. The subsequent infusion of has-been stars cannot elevate this to entertainment. No amount play on the industry or the eating of caterpillar guts is going to make me want to tune in.

Add to this mix the shallowness of fame and the manipulation of media (Hi Paris, I’m sad I know your name), and it’s about time I think about getting rid of all these channels. These are feeds I really wouldn’t subscribe to…

Perhaps this is some in-between season disdain. Maybe I’m still sad Six Feet Under is over (and it is likely a show that is better in my mind than it actually was).

I dunno.

I still want my high-speed internet, I think.

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  1. We watched about an hour of the MTV awards. I told Amy that either I’ve officially become a crabby old man or this is all crap. Just horribly vapid crap. Who thinks that a five-minute skit about Diddy’s name changes is funny? Does R. Kelly know we’re laughing at him, not with him? I tuned in mainly to see Green Day and missed them. The rest was moronic.

  2. I don’t think that I could do without TV, but only because I have tivo.
    Don’t get rid of your high speed internet. That would be torture.

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