My Anus is bleeding

Found this message on a telephone pole next to the parade route.

I went up north to Columbus to catch the Pride festivities in Columbus (somebody stop me from repeating myself). It was the biggest thing like that I’ve ever been to—and the folks, for the most part, looked so… …. …normal. It was nice walking amidst tens of thousands and not knowing, or caring, what someone preferred in their bedroom. Lots of families. Some exposed boobies. And water was only a dollar a bottle. Which might seem stiff, but usually at big events I expect lots of markup.

The only thing that seemed oppressive on this day was the heat.

3 responses to “My Anus is bleeding”

  1. Sean King Avatar

    At first glance I thought it was quoting from Don Hertzfeldt’s film “Rejected” where a cotton candy-like creature was screaming the exact same words while gushing red paint from presumably his anus which he eventually got drawn in….(wait! it’s true! his website is here: If this poster showed up at a Pride parade, I suppose one can view it with the same amount of ludicracy as the short animated film forementioned. Or just post some astro-glide coupons right underneath that one, it’ll probably help.

  2. renjith Avatar

    Bleeding from the anus could indicate that you have anus hemorrhage. People usually see signs of clotting blood usually bright red in color in the stool, in used toilet paper or in the toilet bowl. Bleeding from the a n u s (also refered to as rectal bleeding) need not always be serious.
    However we strongly recommend that if you find blood coming from your anuses you should visit a doctor.
    Remember anal bleeding can be a sign of cancer or the rectum. We do not mean to scare you but it is advisable to check with a specialist.
    Apart from hemorrhoids, bleeding from the anus can also be a cause for fistula, polyps and cancer, diverticulosis, anal fissure,colitis and proctice.
    Note from Chris: the comment above is spam, but I thought it was too funny to delete.

  3. Eric Avatar

    Comfest! My wife and I used to schedule our visits home from Los Angeles just so we could attend. It is the best outdoor community festival in the country: Excellent live music, diverse and friendly people, drugs & alcohol if you want them, boobies. Ahh, man.