I like my sugar with coffee and cream

Brunch at Cracker Barrel on the way home from Columbus reminded me of this story

Driving across the country a few years back, I pulled into a Cracker Barrel extremely exhausted. I got the Chicken Tenderloin Dinner like I always do (unless it’s breakfast.) I’m simple that way.

By dinner’s end I got the check and headed to the bathroom, taking my own sweet time in a stall there, reviewing my bill, the handwriting of the waitress and whatnot.

I stopped by the sink on the way out to wash my hands and noticed a thing of hand lotion on the counter.

“How sweet,” I thought, “…What a great way to sucker folks to the crap in their country store.” The scent was a bit curious though. Not very manly at all.

Then a lady walked out of the stall next to me and I turned a few shades of red and excused myself with a hat tip.

One response to “I like my sugar with coffee and cream”

  1. jjcp Avatar

    OMG lol i used to work at a cracker barrel.