More inside

Dalton Avenue (on the way home from downtown)

A sprawling day that really started to take shape after the work whistle blew and I found myself walking around the neighborhood for no particular reason other than the (incredibly) nice weather.

I wandered into the record store to look for some props in the truest definition of the word. Shake It has lots of good things besides music lining their walls. After some hedging I walked out with a lighter wallet and across the street for dinner. Potluck’s combined patio with the neighboring tavern was packed.

Vibrant mood. Hip folks with tattoos and coifed hair in that messy I don’t want you to think I care kinda way. I got my cuban sandwich boxed and headed up to the video store to find they had two selections I’d been hoping to catch. I spoke briefly with the man behind the counter there as he questioned the contents of a box I was carrying. That turned into a bit of a soapbox about technology, the distribution of media, and ultimately, how important people still are to the equation.

Back home through alleys, hands heavy with boxes, bags and vittles, I passed some kids smoking out back of an unknown establishment and they looked taken aback by my trespass. They seemed harmless though, and I avoided some puddles looking down.

In all, it seems boring to relay, but I can’t contain the optimism that this part of town has under it’s rough exterior.

2 responses to “More inside”

  1. D R E W Avatar

    I like Northside. But what is up with that first block, the same one with Jacob’s and The Therpent? Somebody needs to do something about that mess.
    Also, what do you think about the new Walgreen’s? I think it will be ok as long as they put in other retail space and apts/condos above. If they are decent looking condos I would consider one of them.

  2. richard kearns Avatar

    have been looking in at your blogsite for the past couple of weeks. the design is beautiful, and i like the tone of your posts.
    i just set up my own blogsite yesterday: “on the engines of enlightenment: journal of an aids shaman.” would you be so kind as to take a look at it? there are only seven posts so far, and i think they went well.
    i would have preferred to send you an email rather than post a comment, but i couldn’t figure out how to.
    i look forward to reading your response.
    richard kearns