Cachorro (Bear Cub)

Late to the game, but didn’t miss the party

This might not be the best movie to plop in the DVD player with grandma hanging about, depending of course how she takes to hairy men getting downright passionate with their naked selves. But after the veneer of gay is peeled away, dag—nice flick.

There was concern at first, as the subtitles started blinking by at breakneck speeds. Concentrating on text when there’s so much beautiful stuff on the screen is hard.

Well rounded characters (not a pun) pulled the movie along, unfolding issues that got progressively heavier.

Lots to chew on (also not a pun.) My entertainment dollar, well spent—I’d like to see more movies made like this. And when they do make them, it’d be nice if I could actually go to a theater in Cincinnati to see them.

6 responses to “Cachorro (Bear Cub)”

  1. chuck Avatar

    thanks for the recommendation…really enjoyed this movie. what could be better than a bear party where they sing along to the music in spanish? i agree…subtitles flew by so quick i was trying to read AND watch the guys…near impossible. but still, a great movie.

  2. duane Avatar

    I really liked this movie too. I echo your sentiment:
    “There was concern at first, as the subtitles started blinking by at breakneck speeds”
    Other than that… primo!

  3. ted Avatar

    I just love, love, love that movie.

  4. Raybob Avatar

    I LOVED this movie.

  5. tomcub Avatar

    Any torrent links of that one?
    BTW… fancy site Chris… ME LIKE IT! 😀

  6. T Avatar

    I just watched the movie, I really enjoyed it. I was wondering if anyone knows the singer and title of the ending song??