First Daughter

Hi, my name is Chris and I like cheese.

Wendy’s dad once wrote a song about chick flicks, in which the narrator pines for movies with blood, buildings blowing up, car chases and aliens from outer space.

This movie had none of those. It did have lots of gaps though, and plenty of schmaltz.

Even though the President’s daughter is going to college, we don’t see too much of the inside of a classroom either. There were lots of parties though, giving Katie Holmes some bikini screentime. Politics were also safely left in the shadows, giving space to the puppy love story.

Cut to morning scene where Katie and desired beau are still giggling after staying up all night talking.

Insert some angst, embarrassment, some table dancing that would make the Bush twins proud, and some tearful apologies, then wrap it up and roll the credits.


Worth every penny on the small screen and some microwave popcorn.

And now, I need to google if clothes dry faster with a full load, because the first lady said it in the movie and I’ve never heard that…

– Full loads and consecutive drying improves energy efficiency
– Clean the lint trap
– Dry towels and heavier cottons in a separate load from lighter-weight clothes
– and use the sun when possible

2 responses to “First Daughter”

  1. chuck Avatar

    chris, i’m so disappointed in you! lol i thought that movie TOTALLY blew chunks, dude! c’mon…if you’re gonna go cheese, go “bearable cheese” at least.
    as always, enjoy reading the updates. you rock.

  2. glass Avatar

    You obviously weren’t drunk enough Chuck.