Note to self: do not use Sharpie without glasses

A friend came over and we spent a good part of the night talking about everything from politics to music over some (good) cheap wine. I burned an already ‘borrowed’ copy of the Decemberists new disc and marked off the calendar for their stop in town.

Now I need to follow through and pick up the actual CD, or perhaps they get more kickback on t-shirts at concerts? Hmm, not sure. Regardless, their latest album, “Picaresque” has been one of the bright spots this year, and even though there are all these great music festivals, I’m looking mighty forward just to see them on their own.

One response to “Borrowing”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    My goodness. I just before I got out of my car, the latest The Decemberists single was playing on WFUV.
    This is the second or third time you’ve mentioned music in a post and I happen to be listening to the same thing just before I read it.
    Creepy.. in a good way ;-).