Dessert compartment

…Just another sheep boy, duck call, Swanson, idiot song of Donkey Kong…

I remember TV dinners growing up, they were special diversions from my mom’s cooking. The little dessert thing with the cherry goop that burbled up over the crust in its little aluminum compartment.

Oh how I tried not to eat it first.

Thank goodness there’s the wikipedia to pick up where Encyclop√¶dia Britannica has blank pages. I can now find out that these meals started in Omaha, Nebraska in 1954 as a way to use up leftovers.

Aside from scarfing down a Healthy Choice entree today, I made buttons and stuff for the web and am thinking it’s time to put away all the winter clothes.

Oh and my mom’s cooking is now the special diversion.

One response to “Dessert compartment”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    Hmm, from airlines to households and airlines. I heard that dinners on airplanes are much more decent now. haha, no love in cold dinner.