Dinner Club: Anne & Johns

With bonus tour of new abode

Since two of the couples from our monthly restaurant hop have newborns not weeks old, we moved our normal date back a week.

We also decided this was a good time to try something in a more family friendly atmosphere. This offered many benefits:

1. We got to check out our friend’s new house
2. Ability to hang out in a yard
3. Kids and newborns welcome
4. Easier on the wallet
5. We like to shake things up

Turns out, we really like this format. Everyone brought something interesting and tasty. Though I think I need to find a few more recipes that don’t require Miracle Whip.

It was much easier to talk without the confines of a long table and restaurant din, upping the social aspect several notches.

I could blather on, but I’m stuffed and ready for bed.

3 responses to “Dinner Club: Anne & Johns”

  1. Curator Avatar

    Sounds good. So who brought the premium hops adult bevarages?

  2. Janusfinder Avatar

    Those are John Wolfer paintings on the wall.

  3. glass Avatar

    You are correct sir. Original Wolfers indeed.