Riots, restaurants, footlongs and soft serve

The dairy bar is open

I had a meeting downtown. The city bustles in the light of weekdays, but the crowd disappears in the evening. We’ve never recovered fully from the race riots in 2000 they say — that’s apparently one reason why a restaurant like the Masionette is moving to the burbs.

It’s either fallout from riots, or everyone is over at Newport on the Levee because all we have are two monster stadiums on our side of the river.

Gosh, this sounds all negative — when in fact I had a splendid day. After the meeting I stopped by the dairy bar on the way home.

I had a hot dog.
It tasted real good.
I suppose I should now watch a movie from Hollywood.

They do have those nice theaters in Kentucky…

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  1. We used to go to the Maisonette four or five times a year, but stopped going about two years ago. It wasn’t due to the riots, it was just that we didn’t want to spend that much money on food anymore. It’s great food, great service, but how many times do people want to haul themselves downtown and pay a few hundred bucks for dinner?

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