Intelligent software agents

I could’ve easily gotten several testimonials from previous clients to get the same statement…

So I’m peeking over the shoulder of a fella I’m working with and we’re going over projects outlined on our Basecamp hub. As we traded barbs about how we use (the project management website) and how we _wished_ it would work, this screen came up.

4 responses to “Intelligent software agents”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    So now I am a bit curious, How would you like it to work? As much as I like Basecamp, I do find it awkward for some things. Perhaps it’s just a case of trying to use it in a non-standard way.

  2. Naz Avatar

    I have gripes about the workflow on Basecamp. It’s a slick product but it’s also not really all that intuitive. I was surprised actually. The project we were testing it on may not be the optimal solution (though it was to collectivelt manage a website). I still have this idea to roll out my own extranet. I’ve made far more simpler ones for clients but would like to make a much more complex yet simple to use one.
    I’m curious as well.

  3. glass Avatar

    CM, Naz,
    Off the top of my head (What I’d really like to do is just mock-up a hack – no time today though)
    I’m assuming Basecamp works well for really large groups of folks with big lumbering projects. I’m using it with a small team of 5 people for both large and small projects.
    How I’d like to see things:
    1.) Tiny Projects (Milestones are fine for BIG projects, but not for little things – this could be as easy as a to-do list with due dates)
    2.) When I switch projects, the system should retain whatever view I am on (messages, todos, etc)
    3.) I get confused between the meta-view (Dashboard) and “project” view… I’d like them to coexist in a more meaningful way.
    4.) I’d like the dashboard to show me some feedback on what I need to do (Show priorities based on date: Due soon, Overdue, Done)
    5.) That fancy javascript project switcher at the top is all neato, but can’t that pulldown menu just be persistent? Could projects visible off to the side (like folders in a mail applicaton?)
    I’ll have to ponder all this some more.

  4. Naz Avatar

    No. 3 irked me the most and confused a lot of people who used it when we tried to use Basecamp. I was confused how Dashboard and “project view” differed – of course it eventually made sense but sometimes I had to make sure I was in one or the other.
    I’ll have to think about this as well.