Lucky lucky me!

I used to keep a slew of these little slips of paper in my wallet, but I got over that at some point… I think that was high school.

In other news, we got the big heater-thing (for screen printing) disassembled and through a door yesterday. Exhausted, I spent the night up north at my friends’ place.

The field looked so nice this morning with a hint of color and mist, I figured I’d take a picture and use it as a backdrop for a fortune from dinner last night.

The first time I posted a message from a fortune cookie, it came true, and I left soon after for a 49 day whirlwind tour across the country.

Of course, this is all poppycock and I was planning that road trip anyway.

3 responses to “Fortune”

  1. sis Avatar

    hey bro~good things to come for all of us!! Done we all deserve it?! love ya baby brother!!

  2. CM Harrington Avatar

    Does that imply a second round of puberty? Menopause perhaps? 😉

  3. davis Avatar

    Fortunes are so vague, we make them fit.
    If I could, I’d write these fortune writers and ask for specifics.