The Gaiety

Random scene from NYC

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  1. Nik Avatar

    Might be a stupid comment, and it’s not like I’ve distinguished myself here anyway, but on seeing the photo I got thinking about the hurried pace of life we have. The theatre closed down after 30 years… 30 YEARS! And yet the message so coolly states that as though it were in operation for a year or 5!
    It’s a mockery of what is the stolid, frenzied pace of NYC. Famous/happy/fulfilled today? You’ve got your 5 minutes; after that, you’ll be lucky if you find but a wisp of yourself and the disposable adornments The City had to offer.
    I don’t think I ever have to smoke up to write complete bullshit.
    Oh, and wonderful photo.

  2. glass Avatar

    I was a bit saddened Nik, by the quick penmanship of the note. It seems unfit.

  3. Nik Avatar

    “Unfit” was the word I was looking for, Chris.
    At my university, they’re thinking of closing down the deli part of this place called “The M-Shop” ( Local bands, Robin Williams, and a bunch of people from “Whose Line…” have all performed and had the delectable deli there. The place itself was a workshop, converted to a hang out den and then to a tiny restaurant many, many years ago. The students’ collective emotion against this decision is what I had going in my mind when I saw your picture.