I wore green

Because it was Thursday

Anytime I can wear my Lander Bar t-shirt is a good day. That means I still have clean clothes as this is one of my favorites.

A great quote from Outside Magazine on the Lander Bar website:

…a classic Wyoming Saloon where bloody-knuckled cowboys and climbers, Arapahoe Indians and granola girls in beads and braids, outcasts, posers, foreigners, and cross country skiers all drink and dance together.

I’d reminisce but I need to go meet my brother for a beer.

One response to “I wore green”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    I wore green today too. Not because it is St. Patrick’s Day or something, coincidently I had nothing else to wear.
    That lander bar sounds really good. I cant get into bars serving alcoholic beverages yet but, hey, cant ask what’s not good for me.
    I havent noticed this until now, but you have a t-shirt category. Haha.