The National: WOXY Lounge Act

Lead singer Matt Berninger

While readying myself for sleep, listening to Brodie‘s latest Freaky Folk compilation, I realized I hadn’t posted about The National‘s visit to the woxy studio this week.

A laid back time, with a little small talk flipping through the premiere issue of Make magazine (gridded design goodness), I tried to be unobtrusive snapping photos.

Most of the shots are jittery, and I’m thinking a bounce flash might be prudent in extremely low light situations.

A few members of the band were just in for a brief DJ set before a gig in Louisville. They are gearing up for a tour and the release of their next full length album Alligator, mid April. I’m looking forward to it.

Looking back through my journal entries, I realized it was the same day last year that I heard them perform up the street for the first time.