Unnecessary bargains

Valentine discounts through Sunday

I quietly told myself a while ago that I wasn’t going to write about consumption as much. No entries about things to buy or movies watched. As you can see, that didn’t really work. I was going to focus on you know, the bits of life that were unique to me.

There’s certainly lots that accumulates in the day to day, but having some sense of privacy is good. I think Jerry Blank has it down pat with a secret diary under her pillow.

Anyhow, I went to Target tonight, for no reason other than it was not my apartment. I exhibited restraint and walked out only with generic mouthwash and milk.

The whole place seemed foreign. Do 12 year old girls really want Pink Panther panties? I’m at a loss.

2 responses to “Unnecessary bargains”

  1. actually, the sad thing is that not only do 12 year old girls want pink panther panties, but so do the 20somethings.
    it’s a different world out there.