If pastry is overheated, frosting/filling can become extremely hot and could cause burns.

I’m walking through the grocery store pleased as punch with the contents of my cart. A whole boatload of healthy crap and fresh foods.

But then I get to the cereal aisle and there’s these yellow tags on the PopTarts—my loyalty card would get the big box for a song. And there was Mr. Incredible looking at me, with all those pow-zap candy sprinkles and that Incrediberry Blast filling.

After eating half of one, I believe the box might actually taste better than the foodstuff inside.

2 responses to “Sucka”

  1. There’s really only three flavors of poptart: red, blue, and earthtones. And the earthtones are the only ones you should eat. I found out that brown sugar, cookie dough, and chocolate caramel poptarts all taste exactly the same, give or take some sugar (the sugar flavored one seems to have the least).