Longhorn Rodeo

Galloping through Cincinnati Gardens

After a great brunch at Slims, I wandered over to a rodeo just a few minutes up north. Pretty impressive crowd for a Sunday, lots of cowboy hats—something not seen too much ’round these parts, even though I write with a touch of country dialect from time to time.

I took a just a few photos trying to capture people and figure out this camera. As evening came, I took another trip around the area to try out more night photography.

PhotosA few snapshots at the rodeo.

2 responses to “Longhorn Rodeo”

  1. Onajide Avatar

    Oh Chris, you know I love those pics. I don’t want to hear another word about the camera, okay. 🙂

  2. glass Avatar

    heh, Onajide… I WILL NOT stop blathering about the camera, I curse it daily.