The bridges of Hamilton county

A clear view of Mt. Adams

A bright sunny day, but wicked cold. I went down to Newport Kentucky for a late lunch and caught this view of a couple bridges on the Ohio River. We have nine.

The L&N Railroad Bridge was painted and given a new moniker a few years ago. Now the “Purple People Bridge” (really) is dedicated to pedestrian travel across the river.

In the background is the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge, but everyone here calls it the Big Mac Bridge (really). They just slapped a new coat of yellow paint on it so it’s shiny and happy again after a few years with a butter complexion.

I went to check out the vantage from the bookstore on the KY side, but I didn’t stay long. I felt this extreme guilt that I should buy something—even a magazine. As I stood there gazing at the wall of titles I just said to myself, “I can read that online” over and over again.

I remember when these new BIG bookstores started to appear after so many years of tiny mall ones. How refreshing it was to have a destination instead of a place you darted in and out. Fingers crossed these places can evolve to stay in business. The WiFi access and coffee helps.