Better than a graph chart

This is a good example where a hunk of data on a computer screen has nothing on physical representation: a map of listeners who wrote in to Sure it’s not specific, but it’s fun to look at.

This was of course, before a survey was added to the site this week, which has amazingly yielded a good chunk of data.

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If you listen, you should take a moment to fill it out. If you don’t listen and you like alternative rock and sometimes wonder what to play next, tune in.
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I spent the late afternoon snapping photos of Sunday Runners at the station before wandering around the city enjoying the light; without the aide of saffron-colored fabric illuminating my path.

It’s still cold as a witch’s tit* hereā€”but we’ve had blue skies.

I hear that Colorado and Wyoming have approximately 300 days of blue sky each year**. Though I don’t think I could stomach the traffic of Denver, I wonder how this continual presence of hue would effect my mental outlook.

And then I think of the Erma Bombeck*** book, “The Grass is Always Greener of the Septic Tank” which I’ve never read.

* whatever that means
** I’ve no “facts” to back this up
*** rest her soul

All references lack credibility. Such is blogging.