I spared Wonkette from my bitchfest, as that site is branded nicely

Another month and another couple properties from the weblog empire that is Gawker Media are released to the world. One about travel and the other about software or something. I’m not sure.

And at this point, I don’t know if I care. Aside from the fact that I don’t like their truncated feeds, I’m fed up with their design sensibility. This is a shame as I like the voice of their sites and content for the most part, but there are other places to get my fix on things. Other places that don’t look like they were crafted by dropouts from a mail-order graphic design program.

Ebay has less “pedestrian” design, and that’s as far from a compliment I can muster.

Aside from those bitches, I wonder what’s next for this group. I figure they’ll be tackling music soon enough as an untapped vertical market in their sphere. Maybe they are waiting on some big dumb head photo-manipulated illustration.

Postnote: I don’t know if I can keep this entry on my journal here… The visual noise is almost too disturbing.