woxy.com t-shirt

Matching undies sold separately

The t-shirts I’ve been working on at the independent streaming music station arrived late yesterday afternoon.

Support anti-corporate radio, buy a shirt (or at least take a gander at the colors). Sizes are generous, though I would not suggest the small (as shown above). Even if you don’t buy a shirt and haven’t listened to them, tune in. These are the folks that host all those bands I’ve been seeing of late.

Detail of back:

Buy one or two… It’s like having a doodled trapper keeper on your back.

5 responses to “woxy.com t-shirt”

  1. Martymcflymo Avatar

    *drool* cool T-shirts!
    Can’t there be a law, that all guys with that kind of figure have to wear T-shirts that are 2 sizes too small for them?
    *continues drooling*

  2. dave Avatar

    great shirts – I got one in sky blue. hopefully it won’t be as, um, snug as the one in the pic.

  3. humidhaney Avatar

    Have any interest in designing a shirt for a New Orleans start-up t-shirt company?

  4. jesse Avatar

    Is it still possible to get these(or other woxy.com shirts) now? I know that they’re out on the website and I haven’t seen any on ebay.
    Any guidance on getting woxy shirts would be great.

  5. Toronto T-Shirt Printing Avatar

    Sweet T-shirt. I think your model is a nice touch.