Cincinnati style

Have I mentioned how Cincinnati has an obsession with chili? Or was that some online conversation somewhere along the line? At this hour, my brain has no concept of what happened, what I’ve written or what I’m saying at this very moment. I really try not to repeat myself, but it’s all a blur. Music, movie, food, travel, something geeky, repeat.

I do know this: we have more “chili parlors” than any other city in the country. It’s not your normal chili. It’s brown. Lots of meat. Beans optional. There are rumors that cinnamon and chocolate are part of the secret ingredients.

They call this Greek style and it is usually served on coneys (hot dogs) or spaghetti in the following variants:

3-way: Chili, Cheese (shredded cheddar), and spaghetti
4-way: All the above + onions
5-way: All the above + beans

I don’t normally order this out anymore, as my favorite variety is found in the freezer section at most local markets. Empress Chili is the best in my book, and maybe it’s because I let it simmer a while and thaw. I call this cooking.

If you ever find yourself in the Queen City, try it, just onceā€”see how your bowels fare and then decide.

Maybe this is why my shirts are so tight…

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  1. TJ Avatar

    I’m seeing a lot of chili pics. You know how bad of a hankering I have for Cincy chili??