This should be interesting

My day began at 5:30 a.m. where I had to dig my car out with an ice scraper to do some carpooling for those stranded by the weather events. On my way home from dropping everyone off at their destinations I helped a fella jump a dead battery and bought beer.

Because you can never have enough beer.

Now as Elf repeats on digital cable, I need to start cooking.

I haven’t ruined a turkey for a few years, so I figured it was time. After I prepped it, I went to light the gas stove and it didn’t seem to pre-heat. Restarting pilot lights, especially in the bowels of a range requires contortion and matches taped to kabob sticks as I cower off to the side, fearful I may lose my eyebrows.

That would’ve been a more entertaining image.

Now it’s lit though and I hope the smell of turkey fills up the joint.