Scissor Sisters

Lexington, KY

“It’s impossible to say Lexington, Kentucky without saying cunt.” At least, that’s what Jake Shears (pictured above) of the Scissor Sisters says. Really, it’s all how you deliver it.

Anyways, I saw them last night, in the hometown of BabyDaddy.

Hometown shows are always nice. You get to see bitter school pals, aunts and uncles, and moms and dads get loaded.

Take your mama out, indeed.

On top of great music, I met up with a slew of super nice friends and strangers.

It was totally hot.

My only other thoughts are:
1.) that chick, she’s a lot more quiet on the album
2.) where does the lead singer get all that energy?
3.) I think a few members of the band are or were thespians at one point or another.

2 responses to “Scissor Sisters”

  1. D R E W Avatar

    You just like them because the bassist is bear-licious! hehehe…

  2. CM Harrington Avatar

    Yes, Scissor Sisters rocks. Far more than any mortal band should. Glad you got to see them. They were in NYC the other week, and I missed them. That said, my hair stylist *did* see them, she thought they were brilliant!
    I hope they come around again soon. Oh… did he wear the Bears Gone Wild hat?