John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge

Scalea’s Ristorante, Covington, KY—Where was that little trigger in my head that would’ve told me to put the fork down tonight? No, I had to get the pork chops that could’ve fed a small family. The other half will be lunch tomorrow.

And I really needed that tiramisu, clueless it would be a 7 inch square tower—quite a bargain if you look at things that way.

I actually loosened my belt quietly under the table as coffee was served.

The night was brisk, bordering on bitter cold. But clear, and I parked near the river and took the photo of this bridge. Nicknamed the humming bridge, as the metal grating makes a weird vibrating noise as you drive across. It made an appearance in the movie Rain Man.

Nice historical information about the bridge at Cincinnati-Transit.net

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  1. TJ Avatar

    Another amazing photo!