Phoenix, the band

Thomas Mars on vocals

Yesterday’s Lounge Act brought the most equipment and largest entourage ever to the studio. Luckily, things were packed in metal crates with rollers. Took a little while to set up but once Phoenix started playing, it was incredible.

One response to “Phoenix, the band”

  1. Kristina Avatar

    I promise you this comment isnt just another “fan- oh, i am your biggest fan kinda mail”. Well, it is in a way, but i dont want it do be. Having that said, i really want you to come back to Norway. I saw you for the first time live in Folken, Stavanger in october 2004. I have no other words that: BRILLIANT. Obviously i adore your music, and at folken i was proven that you really do great music live aswell- something that i highly value in a band. I have been singing for a long time so i know what im talking about. Come to Norway, ill give you a tour if you didnt get that the last time you were here, and ill introduce you to the music-crowd here in this little but really nice place.
    Love Kristina