Extra long sleeves

If you ever met my mom, you’d be immediately jealous that she wasn’t your mom because she’s that neat. Okay, I’ll admit, there’s other great moms out there, but this one’s mine.

Case in point: reaching back to high school, I would complain to her that there weren’t good flannel shirts anymore. Coupled with our shoestring budget and my growth spurt(s), she decided to make a few.

We went to the store and picked out fabrics, then she went to town—crafting a handful of button-down shirts that fit me perfectly. You would not be able to discern they were homemade. She even ordered little “GLASS” tags for inside the collar. Subsequently, these tags would also be sewn into my underwear before I went to college.

Some folks would be shamed by this. I was not.

Just last week I picked up winter clothing at her house from storage. Over ten years old and they still fit with the arms reaching past my wrists and tails reaching beyond the waist. They’ve worn better too, much better than other shirts I own, dating back to my late teens.