Halloween Party

She’s not reading her fortune, she’s showing off her nails

My nephews, the twins, had a party. So after night fell I drove out east with my brother to crash it for a while.

My clown costume, something I picked up at the grocery store for a whopping $7.50, was not, as the package read – “One size fits all.” I could roughly manage making it a strapless haltertop-like clown suit, but that was senseless. So I tucked the arms inside the bottom part and walked around in red pants with white polka dots. Maybe I should’ve planned better.

Back to the party. They’d done up the place real nice, and the moon helped lend atmosphere to the makeshift graveyard set up outside.

My sister was a gypsy and niece, a french maid. Or is that just maid? I’m not sure what makes a maid french.

Good times. Great seeing all my brothers and sisters together, along with my niece and nephews.

3 responses to “Halloween Party”

  1. Sis Avatar

    Was great having ya come!! Was a very wicked party after ya left~~ Next time plan on stayin the nite! Love ya bro XXOO

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Luv ya back sis. Save me a space on the couch. 🙂

  3. Firecrackr Avatar

    you are gunna love this years. itll be greater than that one. 😀 lol ill let ya take more pictures this time. i have become quite the photogenic person lol 😀