Extra ginger sauce please.

We used to go to Benihana for everyone’s birthday. That fell to the wayside this past year, but we’ve all been having hankerings for it and finally were able to carve out a Monday where most folks could make it.

So this was for all the birthdays, and it was good.

A couple young faces at the table seemed relatively entertained by the spectacle. It probably won’t sink in at their age, but for me, this place is imprinted on my taste buds.

Lunch is the time to go to this joint. Prices are more reasonable, and the portions are not ridiculously large. Service is swift to the point of abrupt. If you don’t ask for a drink, then you’ll have water. Chopsticks are optional.

And you can get the ginger salad dressing to go by the quart.

P.S. Mom, have me over, I picked some up—and you were missed by all.