I dig powerful reds and oranges. Ochres and browns. Greens from asparagus to fern.

I don’t have any particular favorite color, but it is generally nature’s palette and range that I find myself attracted. This could very well sum up my aversion to 80’s fashion.

Maybe that’s why I like Panera so much, or Carhartts.

Another tangent: I was talking with someone the other day about small towns. I’ve never been to Yellow Springs in Ohio. It’s just up the road from here. This person told me that I had to go. It had a vibe that made the place feel comfortable. Like it was Halloween all year round.

Intriguing way to put it. Maybe it’s the colors.

Anyway, I collected those leaves in the park and decided, perhaps after seeing Onajídé’s recent studies that putting them down and taking a photo seemed like a natural thing to do.

All this ruminating made me think of a few links that were somewhat relevant. Check ’em out over there in the right.

One response to “Colors”

  1. Onajide Avatar

    Even though I commented in LJ, one thing that I did not talk about there was my color preferences. I know that muted colors are not the current trend but, that’s what I prefer. I think that comes from my love of nature and the natural. Nature rarely uses bright colors although, in certain instances, high contrast might be found to indicate some poisonous plant, for instance. Natural dyes produce soft colors, in general, as well. Although I do and, have for a very long time, gravitate to various hues of blue, it seems that the earthy hues are more my cup of tea in the past few years. Much of that is related to the aforementioned but, also to ancient mythology and the “earth gods.” The god of iron, of the hunt, of the farm, has a strong presence in my personal color selections.
    In my clothing, I have lots of variety but, very little in black. Black clothing for men is a slackers way of dressing up because they really don’t have to think about what they’re wearing. My dress shoes have been dark browns since I was in high school. Color is good. Black is bad. 🙂