The Whole Fantastic World

Simon, Daniel, Craig

I left this afternoon to take photos at an in-studio internet radio gig downtown. The Whole Fantastic World from Tennessee would be the inaugural live set for the Lounge Act series at the station.

Equipment was being carted when I arrived and discovered my Wendy’s Ceasar side salad did not come with fork in the bag. So I shoveled romaine with a single plastic knife while guitars were tuned and drum kits thumped.

After a few soundchecks and knob twists, doors shut and the show went ON AIR. I fumbled around trying desperately not to trip on any wires while Shiv interviewed the fellas in between songs.

I couldn’t hear the vocals as those were being fed through monitors, but the music itself was most excellent. I will try to catch them out on the road or get their disc.

Afterward, I chatted briefly with the band, took a few more photos sans instruments without the fear of tripping over a cord that would shut the whole station down. Real nice guys.

All in all, made for an excellent afternoon.