I’m keeping the Aeron

The parade of Herman Miller chairs

Real quick here, as there aren’t enough hours in the day.

My mom and brother were busy at the studio earlier this week, and man, what progress they’ve made.

((( Thanks )))

We’re breaking everything down and getting TONS of things taken to the curb for trash, and organizing the rest into piles of: eBay, yard sale, take home, store, and give away.

It’s amazing how much stuff an office can accrue over a period of 8 years.

I’m not sad to see the space go, as it was just not being used, and the notion of being free of it lightens both overhead and feelings of guilt.

I will admit some melancholy looking at these empty chairs lined up. Reminds me of the four tall firs we had out in front of my house growing up. We created family history around them, saying they represented myself and siblings. True to lore, when my sister married and left the roost, one fell.

Next week: The dreaded backroom– filled with boxes of papers and other stuff we’d hidden from plain sight.