I like Doggie Chow too!

Thanks, it’s Versase

July 19, 2004 – My final night out West and we had a leg of lamb eaten and an evening to entertain ourselves. Showgirls non-VIP edition DVD would do just fine. Somehow I’d missed it back in 1995. That’s easy enough to know why, I had gotten my first job out of college and my life completely revolved around learning Photoshop.

The flick started off with that cringe of overacting from the main character, forcefully grabbing lines and the air with her fists.

So where you from? Back east. Where back east? DIFFERENT PLACES!

It went on, and on, but luckily there were choice one-liners throughout the over-budgeted schlockfest.

I dunno, sometimes hype, even with bad films, can taint the experience. If I was sitting at home by myself, would I have felt the same disappointment? Who am I kidding? I would have turned it off and went back to Photoshop after three scenes.

I will say this, I’d totally dig a 7 minute edit of this thing. With just Nomi clawing at her fries, making angry faces and then the coupla dozen lines that could make milk get snarfed.

None of this would make sense though, unless I had to sit through the whole thing. And luckily, I had experts on hand to ask what was what. The question remains, what went through the producers heads to greenlight this? Oh yeah, all those hot and sexy scenes, tame by today’s standards.

Okay, one more notch off that bedpost. I’ll get my toaster oven yet.