July 21, 2004 – I got to see the inner-workings of a radio station today.

The first person I met asked me, what’s the last CD you’ve bought? And I was just stumped, and guilty. There are so many new artists that have stumbled into my computer and car of late. Thing is, lot of this is “borrowed” stuff. Things I’m trying out.

I don’t think I’m destroying the fabric of the music industry though, as I actually go out and purchase what I truly enjoy.

Now I need to remind myself what I AM listening to, with aide of my laptop…

I’m still relishing Iron and Wine – “Our Endless Numbered Days” in the car and it continues to soothe my soul.

Summer favorites:
Still digging Grandaddy “Sumday” from LAST year
Beastie Boys – “To the 5 Boroughs” growing on me
The Black Keys – “Thickfreakness” (saw em at Coachella, was blown away)
Four Tet – “Rounds” (not normal for me, but diggin it)
Gomez – “Split the Difference”
Keane – “Hopes and Fears”
Still listening to My Morning Jacket and The National

Intriguing me:
!!! – “Louden up Now”
Franz Ferdinand is getting more rotation in my own little world.
Midisport – “14 footballers in Milk Chocolate” (pratt lemme give this a spin)

Getting over:
Loretta Lynn – “Van Lear Rose” (it was nice, but it’s fading away – gave it to my mom)
Maroon 5 – “Songs About Jane” (I’m a sucker for pop, also most of this disc is flimsy)
The Notwist – “Neon Golden”
The new Modest Mouse bored me, and this makes me sad.

Old favorites that are resurfacing:
Primal Scream – “Screamadelica” (cause chad reminded me)
U2 for some odd reason (diggin anything acoustic I can find)
Ryan Adams – “Demolition”
Big Audio Dynamite – “The Globe”
Indigo Girls – (I’m jumping through their back catalogue)

The Thrills – “So Much for the City”
The Postal Service – “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” and “Such Great Heights”
stellastar* – “Jenny”

I should note: I have no (mtv, radio, magazine) sources for music, I steal it from fellow journalers and friends ’round town.

Thanks yous.