Dessert in Redmond

The flight was too early for my tastes. I slept perhaps two hours the night prior– which is normal for me since I started packing at 3am.

I arrived and was whisked to lunch on campus yesterday. The turkey reuben at the cafeteria begged for something tangy, but I was too happy relishing a free soda to care.

Fast forward to the evening, I’m picking raspberries in the backyard as a dinner comprised of local organic produce and Trader Joe’s lamb is being prepared. The cellar is raided and my New Belgium beer suddenly doesn’t seem as appetizing.

Dinner talk swirls around technology, career paths, what to pack for a “camping” trip and for that matter, what constitutes camping. Conversation turned to innovative ideas for the tobacco industry and state liquor laws. A modern vernacular for a new generations of wine connoisseurs also emerged.

For example: The shiraz has a fine booty.

As the evening went along, my chortles became snorts watching The Day Today. Comedy that holds up this well after 10 years means something.