If only my life were as tidy as the nightstand

Click to read the WHATIF poemHi insomnia.

Okay, so maybe I’m in another time-zone and refuse to adjust. Perhaps that nap after work was not the best of notions. I’ll admit skimping on dinner wasn’t a good idear.

Nonetheless, it’s approaching 4am and the thoughts they are a flying. I’m reminded of a poem by Shel Silverstein, “WHATIF“…

I’m both scared and excited at these hours — on lots of levels, from the country to my bed.

I suppose that’s a hemhawed way to say: I’d really like to focus on my own problems, but man, why does everything have to be so fucked up?

I’m going through mail at work today and there’s an OPT OUT letter from our insurance company for terrorism coverage. This makes those frickin spams for penis enhancements look as innocent as a kid selling ribbons for Gilda’s Club from door to door.

Instead of letting all this fester, I’ve made a really boring to-do list:

– Post Office : Mail off bills, pile of packages and fill out a change of address form
– Screen Printing : Clean up designs
– Get : tent out of storage
– Prep : files for Cafe Press
– Pick up : mountain bike from shop
– Deposit : refund
– Visit : barber
– Do : laundry
– Fix : Antique table lamp
– Establish : Consortium
– Schedule : Eye appointment
– Call : up the numbnuts at VW to fix my car right this time
– Organize : Benihana lunch
– Bale : hay on Saturday
– See : Harry Potter with mom
– Learn : how to sew

– Post Office : Mail off bills, pile of packages and fill out a change of address form
– Bank : Get signed form for online bill paying
– Work : Tag videos for production, invoice invoice invoice, followup on outstanding projects
– Deliver : Concepts for community presentation
– Update : Coalition site
– Email : Write back everything flagged in my inbox
– Move : big pieces of furniture from studio
– Purge : Prepare books and CDs for sale (ebay, amazon, half.com)

Oh, I’m sure I forgot a few things.