Darth, Boba, Bob, Ed, Sandperson, Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper

So here I am in Louisville, Kentucky hanging with Bob and Ed, checking out the sights and smells of Wonderfest.

Pretty much a sci-fi model convention with lots of folks that don’t get out much, who put stickers over the nipples of model chicks with exceptionally large boobies. This added to the whole vibe of sexual tension in the stale air. I suppose this is par for the course anytime you get niche groups together in a hotel.

We’d like to have bought something, but you had to put stuff together and paint it yourself.


Last night, I fell in love with a record store and a videostore, which had a whole section of nun porn. Then we trekked home to view Cruising with Aaron. I had no idea that movie was a comedy, or maybe it was the witty remarks from my hosts or the quarter case of beer I drank.

Looks like Darth Vaders been hittin the bottle too.