Hi, we’re just three bearded men hanging out at the skatepark with no wheels. Don’t mind us. Or the camera.

«Rewind — Sunday in Louisville.

There’s lots of fun ways to say Louisville:
– Looavul.
– Looeyville.
– Looaville.
– LouEville.
– And my personal choice, Luhvul.

My last day there and we spent the day getting up leisurely, then off to breakfast at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. Super yummy, and oodles of atmosphere. The gift store provided lots of fun, trying on hats, hairpieces and glasses, paying no mind to the germs.

A quick trip to another store of kitsch and we were off, to see Colonel Sanders’ grave, the big Louisville Slugger bat, Churchill Downs, and a skate park downtown. That’s where the photo above was taken.

Somewhere in the midst, Bob and I fought about whose cherry limeade was diet. The Sonic girl that took our order didn’t seem to know, but then again, she didn’t seem to know that she was working. If she was in roller skates, I would have forgiven her.

Overall, I have to say, I wish the drive to Columbus was 1/8th as beautiful as it is to Louisville. The rolling hills and tree lined highway is just sublime. The city itself makes me realize how Southern the state really is in attitude. It’s got personality, lots of liquor stores, and sweet tea.

I have gobs of photos from Wonderfest, but until I sift through them all, I can only offer…

Photosthese pictures from Sunday.