Columbus Convention Center:
(Peter) Eisenman Architects with Richard Trott & Partners

The sun was raking across the street as I stepped out of work in Columbus this evening. Slightly exhausted from an early morning commute and full day of whirlwind decisions, I drove to pick up mouthwash cause I thought my breath tasted bad and went back to the hotel to take a nap.

At a stoplight, I got this photo of the Convention Center, an odd structure by the same fella behind the Wexner Center back at my old stomping grounds of Ohio State.

His approach tends to polarize opinion, but I’ll admit I fall into a gray middle area. I find the use of shape and color to be refreshing, but the odd corners and arrangement of space generally disturbs my sensibilities. The Wexner Center has a great example of this “building as art” concept, with a staircase that leads up to nowhere. I also think buildings that require renovations after fifteen years seem suspect.


In other news, I found that after stepping on a scale yesterday, that I weigh more than I ever have in my entire life.

My high carb diet is really paying off.

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  1. shireen Avatar

    this is good and beautiful look
    glass combination