I gave at the office

I’m trying not to be a big buzzkill, but hey, it’s a journal, and I feel inclined to write things as they are. It’s not as bad as it seems, but I’m finding it a bit more challenging to keep a sunny disposition when recording the events for this period of life.

My goals for this… thing… it’s not technically a “blog” (web + log) of all the neat sites I go to, or news tidbits I find… It’s a journal, where I record daily musings and reflect on life and the events around me.

My only true aim, is to be consistent: and that means writing when I don’t want to, taking photos when there is no inspiration, capturing the moment when all I want to do is forget. I think this’ll be valuable for me one day.

Heck it already allows me to avoid patterns before they become a problem. For that matter, it helps me to identify problems.

I’m glad for it.

Today I picked up my dad. Taking off the ballcap he told me to check out his haircut. The radiation made clumps fall out, he was shedding worse than a long-haired cat so he’s sporting the shaved look, so popular with the kids these days.

My pops often wears a hat, (like father, like son) – so it didn’t bother me none. The inked crossbars now revealed behind his temples where they aim the treatment ray gun are a bit disconcerting.

My sister came with for his ct-scan – something he was fretting about (another quality we share.) He was out in minutes and we’ll get results later. Fingers crossed.

Afterward, I had to rush off for my own, long overdue appointment with an oncologist. Initial blood work revealed that my counts were the same as last time – stable enough to forego any treatment… almost 8 years I’ve been able to avoid it. I scheduled a few ct-scans (grrr, couldn’t they do it all at once?) and follow-up for more blood work next week. I feel pretty good things will be okay.

I felt like I had checked off something heavy on my list.

The evening was spent sharing wine and great food with friends. We’ve decided to start a supper club, beginning next month to ensure we spend more time together. Because heck, when it comes down to it, friends mean that much.