Ban Mr. Smiley

The de-evolution of license plates

I’ve mentioned my disdain before. I think license plate design is going straight down the crapper. It’s a perfect example of technology advancements that can be filed under “unnecessary” (along with a handful of Photoshop filters that should be banned).

Funny thing is, the new Kentucky plates are causing quite an effect on inhabitants of the bluegrass state. Sales in custom plates have skyrocketed ever since the new “mr smiley” designs appeared. Maybe this was their intention, to rack up profits at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Folks are retaliating though, putting bullet hole stickers over the happy sun, or mad faces. In fact, if you live in KY, you can pick up a sticker at all Cox’s Smokers Outlets. Yes. You read that right… Cox’s Smokers.

I have to thank Dave for bringing this important issue to my attention.

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3 responses to “Ban Mr. Smiley”

  1. jean Avatar

    The one shown here doesn’t look so bad. I guess Americans love to customize everything. :p

  2. political forum Avatar

    Well if folks want to pay the extra expense, then I don’t see what’s wrong with it.