Four Seasons in One Day

Crashpad (complete with little towels and mints)

The day began with a run through tour of the Cincinnati Art Museum while the weather was still a bit springlike and t-shirty. Hitting the Cincinnati Wing along with some of the modern, European and American rooms, Art and I absorbed as much as we could on a tight schedule.

Since we were in Eden Park, we drove by the Rookwood Pottery building (now restaurant) and went through Mt. Adams – a place that could give San Francisco a run for it’s money with steep hills.

Then were we off to St Louis and went directly to the MonkeyBear’s for an evening of videogames and a quick trip to the bar. Then more videogames.

It progressively got chilly heading west. It seems like winter again.

Some photos from the Cincinnati Art Museum Things that struck my eye.

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  1. rockygirl05 Avatar

    I realize that since this post was so long ago you probably won’t see my reply, but I saw the Ikea bear and it reminded me of my friend Andrea’s baby Johanna whom I bought one for last year. One nice long sentence. Hope it makes sense. 🙂